Production Time

For quailty purposes, all our products require five working days to complete your cases.

Rush orders can be handled in as little as 24 hours, if we are notified prior to shipping us your order.

Shipping Information

Omni Dental Studio, Inc. provides you all necessary shipping supplies including boxes, pre-printed mailing labels, and packing materials; As well as, pre-printed air-bills and convenient UPS pickups at our expense.

  1. Please complete the prescription slip.
  2. Wrap all models adequately with tissue paper, paper towel, or bubble wrap to avoid breakage, also, pack these so that the teeth are not in direct contact with one another.
  3. Place the impression(s), bites and study models in the boxes provided.
  4. Stuff the shipping box with materials, such as, bubble pack, bubble wrap, or any discarded clean paper.
  5. Please secure the box with tape.
  6. Place pre-printed air-bill on box. If you require more air-bills, please call us directly.
  7. Call us or UPS (1-800-PICK-UPS) to schedule a pick up.

We Ship